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Stronger Together
We're putting the future of the sport back in the hands of the people who compete, organize and support ultra triathlon. A transparent public voting system will be used for all major decisions in which affect the athlete and race organizer. Meaning racers, race directors, sponsors, crew, etc... will all have the ability to vote and help shape the future of the sport. 


Transparency is crucial to the success of our mission. First of all, WUTA will hold committee meetings to make decisions for the better of the sport. All committee meeting agendas will be posted online and made available to the public at least 24 hours before the meeting takes place. Prior to each committee meeting a 30 minute window will be available to the public to log on and voice constructive opinions about issues needing to be addressed and provide solutions to said issues. Again, all decisions made will be voted upon by the public. If an item line receives zero votes, then it is up to the committee to make the decision. At the very least, it's a great opportunity for everyone to be on the same page and have a firm understanding of the issues we face as a sport as well as the solutions to solve them. This also gives everyone an opportunity to become part of the solution.

This sport demands respect. If you don't respect the distance it will crush you. In the same regard, we believe respecting one another and treating each other with respect and in a professional manner is THE key to longevity and growth in our sport. We're here for the well being of ultra triathlon.

A committee made of 8 people will meet monthly to discuss ideas, creatively express solutions to issues facing our sport and develop rules / guidelines to ensure fair competition and keep the sport clean of performance enhancing drugs. Committee members must be in some fashion related to the ultra endurance industry. Race organizers, athletes, sponsors, crew, etc... A minimum of 10 meetings a year must be attended by each committee member. Meetings will take place on the second Monday of each month and last 1 hour. Tools have been put in place to help with any language barrier for both committee members and or public comments. We are a small global community of people, and ensuring all voices can be heard is critical to the future of ultra triathlon.

Lastly, there will be no fees for race directors / organizers. There will also be no fees per participant to the race organizer. Waivers will be signed, agreements will be signed, a detailed rulebook will be published and adhered to by all. Points will be collected, records will be broken, regional champions and world champions will be crowned.


We're stronger together and our sport deserves a transparent and professional governing body that pays equal respect to all its athletes and event organizers. 

Please register your email to stay up to date on news from WUTA. Also please consider applying to become part of the committee. We have many spots filled but also have many spots left. Each term is one year with a single person being allocated a total of 5 terms if he / she wishes and is voted to stay on the committee.  All positions are volunteer based. 

Our first committee meeting will be held on July 10th, 2023.

The first official WUTA sanctioned event will take place on Monday October 9th, 2023. 

The Annual World Championship Series takes place from October 1, 2023 - September 30, 2024. Points can be collected by all athletes of all distances during this time in hopes to earn enough points throughout the season and claim the WUTA World Championship or WUTA Regional Championship in their division. More details on earning points and divisions will be released in the coming months. 

Race organizers: Please feel to email for a complete rulebook / details on how to join WUTA. 


Lastly, please be patient as we develop a basic set of rules. The first vote to develop the official rulebook will be in the days following our July 10th, 2023 committee meeting. It will take time to properly develop a ruleset that is best for the sport, it's athletes and event organizers. 

Together, we're building a brighter future for ultra triathlon.

Please check back on July 17, 2023 for complete details.


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